td dapat text from sumone kul 2 ptg td….hehehehe… kamu tahu sape kamu… dea suruh bace nst page 15 prime news. n dea kate mesti ko nyer garden macam tu kan…. hahahhahah…. actually aku bace msj tu pown dah lambat… coz aku TIDO…

matilah kantoi kul 2 pown lum bangun… aku dah bgn actually, cume phone atas meja, x perasan la… hehehehe…. alasan… hehehehe… so, sbb ptg td mls kluar… and aku taw kat nst online x der plak dea publish page berapa kan… so aku pown gigih la mencari nst lepas terawih td….

n ader 1 kedai jerk ader…. naseb baek… so terus turn to page 15 n walla… i see a beutiful garden dijaga oleh seorg lelaki bekerja guru… lawa garden dea… best la klau ader herbs bagai kat garden kan… x yah nak cari herbs for spaggeti kat tesco or giant lagi…. wakakaka….

meh aku attach pic n the news…

Family’s herb garden is envy of all

By : Sulaiman Jaafar

 Roslan Rhosali at his garden in Taman Sri Pauh in Panji, Kota Baru.
Roslan Rhosali at his garden in Taman Sri Pauh in Panji, Kota Baru.

KOTA BARU: Running out of the odd herb or vegetable while cooking at home is never a problem for Habibah Mohd Nawawi.

The 45-year-old nurse just plucks these from her garden.

And soon, she will have the luxury of eating the 600 keli fish being bred in her ornamental pond.

Habibah and husband, Roslan Rhosali, 45, count themselves lucky for having turned the small plot of land in their Taman Sri Pauh home in Panji into a herb garden.

Their residence looks green and beautiful with a myriad of vegetables and herbs, including rare ones like pokok ajaib or miracle plant (Moringa olifeira), which is touted to cure diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer.

And the gardening, which the couple share with their six children, has helped bring the family together.

Roslan, a teacher at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Long Ghafar near Pasir Tumbuh here, said the family spent their spare time tending the garden.

“My wife works shifts and we don’t get much time to be together.

“This is one of the activities that brings us and our six children closer.”

Roslan said gardening was not something new to him as he was born into a farming family from Enggor in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

“I have also learnt about it from books and studied agricultural science during my schooldays.”

Apart from herbal plants and vegetables, Roslan also grows orchids and is breeding fish.

The Roslan family’s efforts gained recognition recently when they won the top prize in the individual category in the Edible Garden competition conducted by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama).

They received RM400, a plaque and certificate.

Roslan said he did not do gardening to win competitions such as this.

“We responded to the government’s call for people to plant their own vegetables a long time ago.

“And with the present cost of food items, we can save money and get fresh produce from our garden.”

In the primary school category, Sekolah Kebangsaan Langgar here came out tops while SMK Pak Badol, Bachok, won in the secondary school category.

The Bachok women’s drug rehabilitation centre won in the community category.

All of them won RM1,000, a plaque and a certificate each.

State Fama director Mamat Yunus hoped more would take part in the competition next year, especially in the individual category.

He said the competition was to encourage more parties to take up vegetable and fruit farming for their own use.

“Fama is willing to provide space for them to market their produce at farmers’ markets if they have an excess.”

source from nst online….
unluckily… i do not have that kind of garden…. aku ader pokok buah jerk…. n penuh pokok getah sebelah umah aku… hmmm sad… kan aku duk ESTATE….wakakakaka (for another person to read). tp mak aku mmg impikan garden macam tuh… tp no time to maintain la… my mum kan BZ jerk memanjang… mcm ko x taw…. heheheh
nnt ko datang la umah aku… kita buatkan garden utk mak aku… wakakaka… ko suruh kawan2 ko yg belajar ngan mak aku datang tolong… mesti dea suke… wakakakaka… aku bleh jadi mandor… arahkan ajerk….
hehehehe… kla… nak edit pic… for the next n3… bubye…

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  1. huda Said:

    hehehe…mane bley ko jd mando jer…ini x adil…hehehehe…aku pon menyimpan hasrat utk memiliki garden yg sungguh sweet spr itu tapi lebih kpd fantasy garden ar…wawawa….bgus la mak ko menyimpan hasrat begitu..semoge tercapai impian nyer dengan ader nyer bantuan seorg hero kesayangannya bername anwaruddin…ko tunaikn la hasrat mak ko tu…pahala banyak tue…lelebih lagi dlm bulan ramadhan yg mulia ni….hehehe

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