mane kamu nie?

tension nie… anta sms tp x delivered lagi… mane nie… asal x balas sms…. asal tutup phone? knp mcm nie… org baru mntak maap kan arituh…


tgh sedap aku menulis entry nie… dea pown call using a new number…. wahahaha… naseb baek…. i know you will never forget me… and i’m happy to hear you voice…

dea di atas bukan gf aku… she is one of my friend that i’ve never met… yeah, she’s my sms partner and aku pernah lukekan hati dea… and i really regret for hurting her feelings… i’m sorry….

yet, she stay with me till now… although we never met, and never will… but, i hope this friendship will last forever…

its weird thinking how u can make a friendship for such a long time without knowing the person physically… dunno and dun care…



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  1. shahnaz Said:

    oi dh abes exam, update. hehehe..

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